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Hernia is a very painful disease if it goes in larger size or sometimes when it starts . It has to be operated.and surgery is the only option to prevent it from going into complications with time and size .surgery can be open or mini hole laparoscopic nowadays.

However, there is a different alternative available for prevention.

Technology has advanced in every possible way in the health section and doctors have come up with amazing solutions to make sure that you can get prevention for hernia . This treatment involves controlling your diet plan, starting an exercise program and also wearing garments that would help prevent hernia. In fact, there are similar cures for piles treatment that doctors have come up with up in the recent time. But, what is it that will help you prevent hernia without having to go for the traumatic surgery? Let’s find out.

A systematic diet

One of the most important parts of treating hernia without surgery is to have a good diet plan. Just like you have a diet chart when you want to lose weight, similarly there is a specific diet plan when you have hernia. However, it is important that you follow the diet religiously in order to get results.Foods that are rich in fiber would be ideal for this situation to prevent constipation In addition to fiber rich foods, you should also include lots and lots of fresh vegetables and fruits. Since hernia patients lack minerals and vitamins in their body, it is essential that you eat food that are rich in vitamins and minerals and also zinc. All these will combine together to make collagen so that your skin gets the right amount of protein. A primary concern for hernia patients is their weak collagen content due to which the hernia occurs in the first place.

Best exercises for hernia

People exercise for various reasons, but for those who have hernia, there are limited exercises that helps .The exercises meant for hernia patients are mainly muscle exercises because the abdominal muscles have to be strengthened.The main target area would be the muscles that lie just below the 6 pack in case of inguinal hernia which is most common than many more other types.

You may have seen patients hunt for doctors for piles treatment, similarly those who have been suffering from hernia for a long time would know how painful it can be. That is the reason why many companies have come up with abdominal belts and pants that can keep your abdominal muscles tight. This in turn will help in ensuring that the hernia is prevented from getting worse.

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