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Pilonidal Sinus Surgery

What is Pilonidal Sinus?

The pilonidal sinus is a small hole or tunnel in the skin on the cleft of the buttocks. It may not produce symptoms, but if it becomes infected, our PNS specialist will perform pilonidal sinus surgery in Mumbai. The size of the sinus and how frequently it occurs determine the pilonidal sinus treatment in Mumbai provided by the Kapadia Multispeciality Hospital. Because it contains dirt and debris, the skin may be filled with blood and foul-smelling pilonidal cyst.

Antibiotics may be recommended for you, or we may provide you with enough pain relievers, such as paracetamol and anti-inflammatories, to alleviate your symptoms. However, if the results are still not visible, minimally invasive laser treatment for pilonidal will be opted. Kapadia Multispeciality Hospital has witness zero recurrence rate till date after Pilonidal Sinus Laser Surgery along with quick recovery time as compared to traditional methodologies.

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I authorize Kapadia Multispecialty Hospital and its representative to contact me with updates and notifications via Email, SMS, WhatsApp, and Call. This will override the registry on DND / NDNC.


Causes of pilonidal sinus

Clothing friction causes hair on the buttocks to burrow back under the skin, resulting in pilonidal sinus illness. However, various other variables contribute to the condition and can lead to the formation of several sinuses that are connected beneath the skin.

Friction in the hair between the buttocks.
The section has too much hair.
Long periods of sitting.

Symptoms of pilonidal sinus

Swelling and agony
Pus-filled abscess
Bleeding and

Pilonidal sinus treatment

The Kapadia Multispeciality Hospital offers a variety of options for pilonidal sinus treatment in Mumbai. The following are the most effective treatments for pilonidal diseaseprimary closureas done by our experts:

  • Conservative treatment¬†:

    If no serious signs or symptoms are discovered following the diagnosis, you will be provided all-encompassing antibiotics to repair the illness and eradicate a chain of germs. Our PNS specialist will provide maximal relief from the discomfort caused by the infection level, as well as for instructions on how to maintain hygiene and a frequent follow-up to evaluate the situation.
  • Lancing:

    Our skilled surgeons at the Kapadia Multispeciality Hospital may use a scalpel to open the sinus filled with pus, hair, and blood from the abscess in this type of pilonidal sinus surgery. We will treat the wound holistically by dressing it from the inside out with the use of a local anaesthetic. The length of time spent in the hospital varies from person to person and is determined by the basis of recovery. Following our specialist's suggestion, you can continue basic activities.
  • Surgery:

    If you have many sinus tracts or recurrent pilonidal sinus, we will propose a pilonidal sinus surgery in Mumbai at the Kapadia Multispeciality Hospital right away. By opening the lesion, our surgeons may be able to begin removing all of the pus and debris. The wound will be stitched back together by the PNS specialists who were present during the surgery. The entire procedure will be carried out under local anaesthetic. Hair removal will be necessary to frequently avoid hair growth into the wound by our trained staff, who will oversee the entire treatment and guide you from preoperative through recuperation in Pilonidal Sinus Treatment in Mumbai.

Pilonidal sinus precautions

A few preventative measures are listed below that will be beneficial after surgery;

  • Use a light soap to clean the area.
  • After each wash, thoroughly dry the area.
  • Avoid sitting for long periods.
  • A fibre-rich, protein-rich, and nutrient-dense diet.

Following these guidelines will not only help to prevent disease upheaval but will also encourage skin rejuvenation and simple bowel movements.

Pilonidal sinus - FAQ's

What causes a pilonidal sinus?

When steady pressure is applied to the tailbone, friction is created, allowing dirt and debris to enter. The pilonidal sinus is the result of this (PNS). It is, however, completely treatable with various types of pilonidal sinus surgery.

Our doctors will provide you with lifelong comfort with successful treatment of choice, beginning with a thorough discussion of the condition, operation, and pilonidal sinus surgery cost.

Is pilonidal sinus an inherited condition?

Yes. In the majority of cases, the pilonidal sinus is inherited. Our patients have chosen us for therapy since we discovered that their buttocks shape or birth cleft, hair type, and pores are aligned in a pattern, making the ailment inherited.

Is pilonidal sinus illness caused by being overweight?

Yes. Weight is linked to the pilonidal sinus because it puts pressure on the natal cleft, causing the pores to open even more. It causes a build-up of moisture and debris inside, which grows over time. Sitting for long periods might aggravate the condition. As a result, Kapadia Multispeciality Hospital physicians recommend keeping a healthy weight to reduce the risk of pilonidal sinus disease.

What is the definition of an abscess?

An abscess is a full-grown lump in the tailbone area that hurts when you sit or stand for too long. Although an abscess may not be seen in some situations, the infection spreads mostly by drainage from the concealed surface. As a result, you should see a doctor as soon as possible before it disrupts your daily life.

What is the best way to spot an infection?

The infection of the pilonidal sinus may become bloated and inflamed whenever you sit, stand, or lie down. You might also notice a discharge from the gap that contains blood, white or brownish pus, and a bad odour.

If you have any of these symptoms, contact Kapadia Multispeciality Hospital for the best pilonidal sinus operation in Mumbai.

What tests are performed to determine whether or not someone has PNS?

Our experts will recommend a high-resolution MRI as well as an ultrasound to assess the density of the sinus in the skin. You will receive the best treatment for pilonidal sinus in Mumbai or the best laser surgery for pilonidal sinus in Mumbai after our PNS specialist forms a conclusion to direct you toward the next step.

Where will I get the best pilonidal sinus laser treatment in Mumbai?

Kapadia Multispeciality hospital has the best Doctors for pilonidal sinus treatment in Mumbai.

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I authorize Kapadia Multispecialty Hospital and its representative to contact me with updates and notifications via Email, SMS, WhatsApp, and Call. This will override the registry on DND / NDNC.