What Happens If You Don't Treat Your Hernia?
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What happens if you don't treat Hernia
30 May 2022

A hernia develops when an internal organ pushes through a weak point in your muscle or tissue, including the small and large intestines, stomach, bladder, and other organs. Many hernias form between the breastbone and the hips, or in the abdomen. Inguinal hernias, femoral hernias, umbilical hernias, and Hiatal hernias are among the various forms of hernias that can occur.

Hernias aren't usually regarded to be dangerous. If ignored, however, it can result in strangling, obstruction, or both. Hence, it’s critical to treat a hernia as soon as possible.

We recommend the Best Hernia treatment in Mumbai at Kapadia Multispeciality Hospital to avoid significant issues that cannot be resolved on their own.

Why do hernias occur?

The flaw that allows for protrusion can be pre-existing or the result of repeated stress on a particular location. The causes of hernia include:

  • Constipation strain
  • Constant coughing or sneezing
  • Former abdominal surgery
  • Heavy lifting
  • Obesity
  • Smoking
  • Poor nutrition
  • Pregnancy

What Happens to Hernias That Go Untreated?

Hernias are similar to other diseases we face, they tend to develop worse or larger if not treated properly. Mild symptoms might develop into more serious ones, leading to dangerous problems that are often overlooked.

The only efficient method to treat a hernia is to have it repaired surgically.

Hernias may stop developing in rare situations, but they never subside. Hernias can grow so large in some situations that the abdominal cavity collapses, making healing considerably more difficult. In any case, it's preferable to treat a hernia while it's still minor rather than waiting for it to worsen. Smaller hernias are much easier to heal, and the recovery time following such procedures is usually significantly shorter.

Hernias become more vulnerable to imprisonment and strangulation as they become larger. The latter usually entails preventing blood from freely flowing to the tissue, which can result in tissue death and gangrene.

Treating a strangulated hernia is significantly riskier and more difficult than treating a typical hernia; furthermore, recuperation can take much longer, and the chance of recurrence is increased.

Why Choose Kapadia Hospital?

Hernia surgery is done by hernia specialist in Mumbai at Kapadia Multispeciality Hospital. To have a better understanding, we may recommend imaging tests such as an abdominal ultrasound, CT scan, or MRI scan.

Following an evaluation of the circumstances and severity of the hernia, the doctor for Hernia in Mumbai can provide a treatment option that will offer you guaranteed results and long-term solutions which may include:

If you suspect you may have a hernia, please contact your doctor or call our office to book an appointment with a doctor at Kapadia Hospital in Mumbai.

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